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As Chief Financial Officer, Michael is responsible for all accounting and financial matters. He assesses organizational performance against Kenko annual budget and long term strategy, and analyzes new business initiatives such as investments in inventory and sparing locations for global parts and logistics, and investments in global IT infrastructure as Kenko expands its worldwide collaborative support offerings.

Welcome to Kenko Baseball

Over 70 years ago, a Japanese merchant named Taikichi Nagase began manufacturing a rubber baseball that has become a Japanese tradition.

Combining a textured rubber surface with a hollow air center, “nankyu” baseballs are renowned in Japan for their safety and durability. More than 90 percent of Japanese children play with this safety baseball, and Nagase Kenko Corporation (NKC) is far and away the industry leader – holding a market share of more than 60%. In the eighty years it has been manufacturing this product, over 6 billion NKC balls have been sold – without a single serious injury.

Formally incorporated in 1936, NKC has now, under the leadership of President Jiro Nagase, developed into a global, multi-line sporting goods company. It has also become a worldwide leader in innovative research and the development of sports programs. In addition to its line of nankyu baseballs, NKC markets a wide range of sporting good products and services through its Team Sports and Tennis, Sports Flooring and Gymnastics Equipment and International Sales and Marketing divisions.

Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, the Nagase Kenko Corporation presently employs a staff of over 250 individuals around the world. It maintains four Japanese manufacturing facilities and three regional sales offices in Osaka, Fukuoka and Hokkaido. In addition, it maintains an extensive network of agents, distributors and representatives who help to manage its sales and marketing and promotional activities around the world.

Our mission

Our mission is to promote a lifelong enjoyment of sports participation.

A seventy year commitment to training and skills development helps us to move beyond the role of equipment manufacturer. Through the sponsorship of tournaments, youth education and good citizenship programs, we strive to instill the awareness and self confidence necessary to promote good health, fitness, teamwork and mutual understanding all over the world.

The pursuit of premium quality and a dedication to safety and durable products provides our customers with superior value; allowing the entire family – from infant to senior – to benefit from sporting activities with minimum risk of injury and bodily harm.


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