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Kenko Air Safety Baseball™

More than 90 percent of Japanese children play with a high performance ball constructed with a durable rubber cover and an air cushion center. Nagase Kenko Corporation (NKC) is far and away the industry leader, holding a market share of more than 60%. In the seventy years it has been manufacturing this product – over six billion balls have been sold – without a single serious injury.

The Kenko Air Safety Baseball™ compresses upon impact to absorb shocks and reduce injury. The surface features aerodynamicly-designed surface and a raised seam to simulate the characteristics, flight and bounce of a regulation baseball. Available in three sizes and weights to meet the needs of younger children and to facilitate their use in pitching machines, the Kenko baseball is the official licensed baseball of International Baseball Federation National Programs and many other youth programs around the world.

The Kenko Air Safety Baseball™ is the official youth baseball for the International Baseball Association (IBA), Confederacion Panamericana de Beisbol (COPABE), Mexican (FEMEBA) and Brazilian Youth Baseball, Africa Baseball and Softball Association (ABSA), Baseball Federation of Asia (BAF) and the Victorian Baseball Association of Australia.

The Kenko ball has also been adopted for use by youth baseball associations in Brazil, Mexico, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, and Venezula as well as by Pony League, the T-ball association, a high school league in the Philippines, and by colleges in Taiwan.

Characteristics Of the Kenko Air Safety Baseball™

Performance and Quality

  • same performance characteristics(flight and bounce) as a regulation hard ball
  • in-house research and testing facility contributes to high performance and tradition
  • of innovation
  • rubber coating allows use in rain (they are even machine washable!) on wet surfaces and prevents marring of gym floors
  • over eight decades of in-house manu facturing experience


  • minimizes young players fears, so that they can play more easily
  • reduces pain and risk of injury, using air cushion to buffer impact
  • ideal and optimal from a medical point of view